Metal Sculptures by Faye

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About Faye

Faye, a metal artist, who grew up in Chatham, has spent countless hours in and on the ocean. She is the daughter of a commercial fisherman, a wife to a charter fisherman, and is herself a record holding freediving spearfisherman. Faye attended college in Arizona and it was there that she apprenticed and worked with a professional metal artist for years. Summers she returned to Chatham and worked as a commercial shell fisherman to help put herself through college. Wanting to pursue being a metal artist on her own, in 1999 Faye returned to what inspired her the most, the ocean.

With Cape Cod being her permanent residence, she traveled to different countries on freedive spearfishing trips in search of new ocean creatures to experience. This unique blend of seaside labor and adventure has continued in her professional life. She is now a successful and award winning metal sculpture artist. In her art work, she manipulates sheets of steel by cutting, bending, welding, hammering and/ or heating the material into sculptures. All tools are hand held and used without the aid of mechanical guides, braces or templates, she does not use a computer. Using a torch like a paint brush she recreates her paper drawings on to steel. Her love for the ocean and the things in it is very much reflected in her art!